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FMRR Trivia #1: Did You Know?…

…In 1991, we released a 12-track, “labour of love” concept album by Marino (brother of Hull songstress Lisa Dominique) called Guitar Exploration. He collaborated with many other guitarists and recorded them in our own (now sadly closed) Revolver Recording Studios, sited just across the road from where we are today.

Here’s the liner notes from the artist himself:

“This album is, for me, a dream come true. Choosing guitarists of many moods, styles and brilliance was, simply a labour of love. Being able to put them into a superb top quality sudio and have a record company put art above money is unique in itself, but then everything about this project has been unique – the love and brotherhood shown to each other has been an inspiration to me.” — Marino

Sound interesting? You can check out Guitar Exploration on iTunes, and head over to YouTube for loads of lovely (and she is ;-)) Lisa Dominique videos.

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